Apple is having its big annual event where it lays out plans for the coming year — here’s what to expect


Apple is anticipated to launch the most recent version of iOS, its package for the iPhone and iPad, on Mon at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC. the corporate has launched a replacement version of its iPhone package at WWDC each year since 2009, and analysts and reports don’t expect this year to be any totally different.

The announcement of the new package, doubtless referred to as iOS thirteen, can show however Apple is evolving its most vital product, the iPhone, within the face of a getting smartphone market.

The company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, is also a chance for Apple to focus on its growing services business, that revolves around mercantilism on-line subscriptions to iPhone users, as well as Associate in Nursing declared video service this referred to as Apple TV+. subsequent version of iOS can ought to support this service.

“This year WWDC can have a unique feel as Apple must prove with its next iOS, presently codenamed Yukon, that this platform has the speed, measurability, and have practicality to swimmingly support and lay the groundwork for the company’s flagship video streaming service slated for the autumn,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives wrote during a note on weekday.

WWDC kicks off on Mon in San Jose, California. The company’s new product announcements are disclosed during a livestreamed oratory beginning at one p.m. local time.

One platform to rule them all?
WWDC is Apple’s main event to speak however it sees its varied package platforms developing.

At WWDC in 2016, Apple corporate executive Tim Cook framed Apple as an organization with four main platforms: iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

“This could be a vast moment for U.S.A. – four nice platforms that become even a lot of capable with operating with all of you,” Cook same in 2016.

But in 2019, Apple doesn’t appear to own a four-legged stool any longer. Apple is progressively accenting its ability to sell add-on package and subscription services to iPhone house owners as smartphone sales shrink.

With that business goal front Associate in Nursing center, Apple’s iPhone is being positioned the middle of Apple’s package development universe, and its iOS App Store distribution platform united of the company’s crown jewels.

For example, Apple’s TV strategy has moved aloof from a changing into its own separate platform for apps. Instead, Apple’s main video product is itself Associate in Nursing app that aggregates paid video feeds from outside suppliers — that ar “channels,” not apps. The Apple TV app is progressively obtainable on tv sets from competitors like Samsung, and Apple same within the spring that its streaming service, Apple TV+, can endure sale this fall.


It will even be an honest place to seem for clues whether or not the mack platform would possibly become secondary to iOS going forward.

Last year, the corporate previewed a brand new set of developer tools that might modify iPhone apps to run on mack computers with minimal effort. Apple uses the technology for a few of its own apps that have jumped from the iPhone to the mack, like News or Memos.

Developers area unit disturbed that if the 2 platforms become additional closely joined, that package are primarily developed for iPhone and so ported to mack, probably robbing the desktop version of power-user options.

“Are you merging iOS and MacOS? No,” scan a bodacious slide eventually year’s WWDC. Developers are observance closely to envision if that’s still true.

The one platform which may be gaining in stature is watchOS, that runs on the Apple Watch. in line with a report from Bloomberg, Apple might introduce a brand new app store for Apple Watch, providing a brand new thanks to for developers to create cash from watch apps.

iOS 13
iOS thirteen can reportedly have a slew of recent options for users, as well as a dark mode, improved one-handed keyboard, and enhancements to apps like Mail, Health, and iMessage, in line with reports from Bloomberg and 9to5Mac.

If past years area unit any guide, the new package are offered for beta-testers later this summer, and can launch for everybody aboard new iPhones within the fall.

Many of the reported system-wide enhancements area unit refined, as well as improved performance and a brand new feature in Screen Time. Apple is predicted to revamp the “share sheet” that allows individuals to send photos and knowledge from within apps.

iPads area unit expected to urge specific attention, as well as a brand new feature that lets mack users use the iPad as a second monitor, and an improved multi-tasking tinerface.

Apple’s own apps area unit expected to urge tons of attention this year. The Health, Reminders, Books, and realize My Friends apps area unit all expected to urge a design, in line with Bloomberg.

No new iPhones, however perhaps a brand new mack
Don’t expect tons of recent hardware at WWDC. No new hardware was discharged at WWDC last year, however 2017′s conference enclosed the introduction of the HomePod sensible speaker and also the iMac professional desktop.

“History suggests capitalist disappointment can follow the event given the doubtless absence of any material hardware product announcements,” Loup Ventures founder and old Apple analyst cistron Munster wrote on weekday. “This reaction misses the purpose of WWDC: offer developers the tools to make first package and services.”

There is likelihood that Apple discusses a high-end mack personal computer, which might slot in with the conference’s programming focus. In 2017, Apple same it might unharness a high-end professional-oriented mack laptop, however didn’t specify a timeframe.

Antitrust complaints
5,000 developers jaunt San Jose for WWDC, and also the overwhelming majority of them like Apple — on balance, they need chosen to figure on Apple’s platforms and infrequently pay thousands of greenbacks to jaunt get pleasure from WWDC’s party-like atmosphere.

But this year’s WWDC comes as Apple is facing scrutiny over the facility of its App Store platform. Some developers and outsiders worry that Apple might tweak its App Store rules to disfavor competitors to its own apps.

For instance, Apple featured complaints from firms like Spotify and politicians like Elizabeth Warren concerning alleged anticompetitive practices within the App Store. last, a gaggle of screen addiction apps are publically lobbying Apple as a result of they are saying they’ve been aloof from Apple’s platform below the belt.

Last week, Apple launched a web site that same the App Store platform promotes competition, to move off any complaints. Apple’s message to its developers is that it helps them build tons of cash, which once it removes or bans apps, it’s not for business reasons, however as a result of safety and client trust.

“According to our estimates, the world’s App Store users spent nearly double the maximum amount in apps last year as Google Play’s did, despite the latter’s significantly larger market world market share,” app associatealytics firm detector Tower founder Alex Malafeev same in an email.

Developers are observance Apple closely to envision what it says to them directly concerning fairness and competition on the platform.


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