Abacha loot: Nigerians react as another £211m seized from bank account in Channel Islands


Nigerians on social media have reacted when the total of £211,000,000 that belonged to a former African nation Head of State, General Sani Abacha, was condemned from a Jersey checking account.

DAILY POST had according on Tues that Abacha laundered cash through the United States of America into the island.

The money was place in accounts command in Jersey by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British island company and is currently being command by the govt till authorities in Jersey, the United States of America Associate in Nursingd African nation come back to an agreement on however it ought to be distributed.

“In restraining the funds at the request of the us of America, through whose industry the funds were laundered before incoming here, and in achieving the payment of the majority of the funds into the Civil quality Recovery Fund, Jersey has all over again incontestible its commitment to try international money crime and concealing,” lawyer General Robert MacRae aforementioned.

These developments generated some comments on Twitter, and also the reactions ar bestowed by DAILY POST below:‏‏‏‏

@BBoason, “Abacha is Nigeria’s arguably most prolific sovereign wealth fund reserves manager. With terribly uncommon foresight, he helped the country hoard several completely different currencies currently helpful for these misfortune. will we tend to declare a national #AbachaDay? Abacha truly did additional with very little. With low fossil fuel costs, he helped African nation keep record millions abroad secretly accounts. I challenge any of his predecessors to match his record. it absolutely was Traders’ cash at the start, wasn’t it?

@enonnyok, “No surprise the family isn’t talking. Nigerian government left all that for them to relish. Shame to Nigerian government.”‏

@NekkaSmith, “Abacha a person while not stain within the eyes of Buhari”.‏

@Usihol, “This is simply a tip of Associate in Nursing ice berg. Abacha loot everyday for over fifteen years currently. the money is there. After all, Abacha married person ones busted that they’re going to ne’er be poor like Dangote, Africa richest man. are you able to imagine? they need finished our beloved country African nation.”
@Mefoh, “Best President ever. Had greatest economic achievements in African nation. scarf the funds unparalleled. of these with fossil fuel at $15 per barrel.”

@Wyzeman789, “When can this Abacha’s plundered fund be totally recovered?‏

@obichiechuks, “It’s incredibly that we tend to ar still convalescent monies connected to the late Nigerian head of State a few years when his death. One wonders what African nation may became had the monies been showing wisdom spent.”‏

@abulude, “Was he an equivalent General Abacha @MBuhari once praised?

@SOluwamola, “If this such a lot quantity might be derived to late Abacha, EFCC is owing African nation serious clarification on the wealth of the living past leaders.”

@ugonwafor, “Can somebody tell American state please, if Abacha ‘stole’ of these with crude at $15/barrel then, what did serial Nigerian governments with their fronts and cronies steal?


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